Discerning What’s Right For Me

Happy New Year! Tis the season full of calendar-driven inspiration about how to make this year the best one ever. Words of the year, themes of the season, goals, resolutions and intentions abound. How can you avoid getting caught up in trends and move to the beat that works best for you? That’s what we get into today’s Design Yourself episode on Discerning What’s Right For Me.

Ideas Shared

    1. Get clear on the question you are exploring. Results follow attention. Be clear about where you choose to bring your focus. 
    2. Cultivate an Integrated Consciousness Practice – Bring awareness to what is real and true right now – in a way that connects to the rhythms and routines of your daily life. 
    3. Eliminate Distractions from External Sources – Return to the question: Is this right for me, right now?
    4. Trust your intuition – Check in with what your inner compass tells you. Only you can know the answer.