Delight in Small Wins (And Other Lessons from the Garden)

Wisdom surrounds us. One of the most profound teachers is the natural world. We can learn strength and power from the wind, resilience from seeds, and adaptive leadership from our shape-shifting landscapes.

In this episode of Design Yourself, we explore six lessons we can take in from our own backyards as we talk about delighting in small wins and other lessons from the garden.

The path through the meadow slope – a dream 3 years in the making.


The meadow flowers emerge!

Ideas Shared

Lessons from the Garden

  1. Planning Is Its Own Joy
  2. Be Ready to Adapt
  3. Delight in Small Wins
  4. Train Your Eye to See What’s Good
  5. Get Scrappy
  6. Do the Next Thing

Links and Resources

  • Imago Earth is an incredible nature center and education resource in Cincinnati, Ohio