Design Your Work Mastermind

Coming Spring 2019

Let’s learn together. In this 5-week Mastermind experience led by Point Road founder and sought after executive coach Sharon Lipovsky, you will learn how to find direction in your work and life and then start taking aligned and inspired actions to move you on that path. With a spirit of play and good humor, we will explore together how to create a personal vision that lights you up, let go of the white noise and prioritize what matters, communicate honestly and stand in your full authority, and cultivate the presence to catapult you to where you want to go.

  • Five 90-minute sessions
  • Mix of teaching and group coaching
  • Tools and resources shared to keep learning going outside of class
  • Hosted 7:15-8:45pm ET
  • Sessions recorded for your convenience

You can design your work.

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They did it and so can you.

“We came to Sharon because we knew we wanted to make a living doing what we love and working together doing it. At that point in time, we had a great client roster, great feedback on what we were delivering and had even had our launch written up in BUT we weren’t viewing ourselves as business-owners and were weren’t operating as a sustainable business. Our work with Sharon dramatically changed the way we view ourselves, which in turn changed our approach to shaping and pricing our offer. We often think about our business as before working with Sharon and after. Not only do we have greater financial stability as result, but we also have greater ability and confidence in how we position ourselves as badass women makers.”

– Elena Rue and Catherine Orr, Cofounders of StoryMineMedia

01: Imagine What You Want

Vision comes from articulating what you want. The more clearly you can see your vision, the more easily you can begin moving toward it. In this class, we explore:

  • The power of vision
  • Practice seeing what you want
  • Learn a 5-step visioning process
  • Tools and resources for expanding your own vision

02: Simplify What Is

Knowing what matters allows you to strip back the distractions and stay focused on what’s important. In this class we explore:

  • Eliminating the white noise
  • Clarifying your values
  • Choosing one thing
  • The art of letting go

03: Own Your Voice

We are writing our stories every single day but most of us aren’t conscious of it. The story you tell can help you make meaning of where you have travelled thus far and move you on a path to where you want to go. In this class we explore:

  • Why the stories we tell matter
  • How to develop your own unique voice
  • How to overcome common obstacles to telling your story
  • The connection between voice and meaningful work

04: Be Where You Are

We can’t move toward our future from anywhere but right here and right now. In this session we explore how to:

  • Be in the here and now
  • Cultivate an authentic leadership presence
  • Move with intention
  • Lead with a sense of choice

05: Integration and Celebration

In this closing session, we come together to share and reflect together on what we have learned and what will catapult us forward. We will discuss:

  • The power of deep listening
  • What we are committed to DOING
  • What we are committed to NOT DOING
  • How we can support one another

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